Autumn hydrangea love

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Lately I have been wishing that there was some way I could enjoy some big, beautiful hydrangea blooms this Fall – especially after seeing THIS POST from Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors. Alas, my little “dollhouse rental” is seriously lacking in hydrangeas.

Well this past weekend, one of the many fun activities I did was travel a short distance up to Ames, Iowa to spend part of “Mom’s Weekend” with my daughter and her Phi Beta Chi sorority sisters. The primary activity was a scavenger hunt, which included hunting down a few of the “Cy” sculptures that have been artistically decorated and placed around the city. Here are a few of them:

Mom's Weekend: Aerospace Cy in Ames, Iowa!

Mom's Weekend: Football Cy in Ames, Iowa!

Mom's Weekend: Sugarskull Cy in Ames, Iowa!

Mom's Weekend: Disco Cy in Ames, Iowa!

While we both were photographing “Disco Cy” on Main Street (shown above), I happened to spy something across the street that I really could not believe. Do you see them?

Mom's Weekend: Hydrangeas working the corner on Main Street
Yep – city planters full of freshly pruned hydrangeas, and garbage bags full of the blooms, ready to be hauled away! So what’s a girl to do who has been wishing for some Autumn hydrangeas?

Mom's Weekend: Hydrangeas free for the taking!
If you said, “strut shamelessly across the street and pick some of those big full blooms right out of the bags,” you’d be spot-on, as that is exactly what I did! (And yes, I did get the teensiest eye-roll from my daughter, but quite honestly I know she has come to expect this sort of thing from me.)

Shovin' those free hydrangeas right in the trunk, y'all!
Later, at home, I snipped and stripped those stems and plunked everything down into my thrifted sage-colored MSE pitcher for a touch of Autumn hydrangea love!

Free/found hydrangeas enjoying their new home.
All glammed up for Instagram!

Beauties enjoying their new home!
This was my favorite “curb find” for the week – have you had any experiences where you were hoping to find something special, and it sort of fell into your lap like this?

Hazel And Verdie: Autumn Hydrangea Love

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Fabulous curb-find: dining table and chairs

Update: I’m linking my sweet little table and chairs to Kathy’s “Return to Loveliness” party at her blog, A Delightsome Life… because it definitely returned to loveliness after its makeover! Please stop by Kathy’s blog for more lovely posts!

One of our luckiest recent curb finds was a dining table and four chairs, which was sitting out in the parking lot of the apartment complex a few weeks before we moved out. What was odd about it, was that it was set up with the chairs all around it – as if it was waiting for a family of four to come along and sit down to an outdoor dinner! We drove past it a few times – the chair cushions were completely awful – but finally I couldn’t resist. Due to some odd twists, we didn’t really have a dining set for our new place, and I loved the light colors and “open” feel of the framing on the set. I thought it had sort of a garden/patio/bistro feel, perfect for what I envisioned in our open-concept kitchen/dining room.

We used a few wooden “place-holder” chairs for a few weeks immediately following the move, then I got to work recovering the seats on the found set. I’ve completed two so far, using 2″ foam, a linen under-lining, and some checked upholstery fabric in pretty garden colors.

Here’s one of the chairs “before” – seriously needing an upholstery intervention:




Turns out, those brown covers are not original to the chairs – they were covers put on by a previous owner to cover the awfulness of the actual original cushions:




Just gross, any way you look at it. Here are a few pictures from the re-do. This was a very simple project, basically just wrapping each piece of new foam like a Christmas present. My only goals were to get the pattern straight, keep the corners nice/not bunchy, and keep things looking tidy on the underside too.




And here is one of the chairs completely finished.




I think they are pretty cute in their new garden-y colors! And, for now, the set looks great in our kitchen/living room, keeping things light and airy without adding too much bulk to the room.




I might… someday… try building a new harvest-style top for the table. But first things first: there are still two more chairs to cover.

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Simple photo holder

Okay so, I made this thing… out of a thing… the first picture shows a gear or pulley or something, the thing that fell out of my car the day that it finally konked out on me about a month ago, marking the end of its reign as “my car.”




The car – a 2002 Subaru Outback Legacy – was, in fact, a gift from my Dad back in 2007… I had begun taking pretty regular care of him as his liver disease had more and more effect on him, and every time I took him to the doctor or any other errand, we’d drive his car. Eventually he simply gave the car to me, partly as thanks and partly because that’s what he had done with most of his previous cars: given them to me when he was done with them.

So anyway when the car finally gave up, I kept this piece that fell off, and turned it into a keepsake that holds a couple pictures of Dad, including one of him with my daughter when she was about seven years old. It was easy enough to make – I literally just wiped off some of the grease, filled the hole in the middle with hot glue, and poked a photo wire down into the center of it as the glue was setting up. The stuff lodged in between the teeth of the gear is melted timing belt.

A quick and easy keepsake!

I’m sharing this project over at the Upcycled Link Party at Funky Junk Interiors, as well as at Marty’s Inspire Me Tuesday party at her sweet blog, A Stroll Thru Life.


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