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2016 blog year in review

I didn’t have the busiest blog in 2016, but it’s been fun to look back and be reminded of all that I did share throughout the year. Here’s a quick summary of 2016!

Booth news – After launching our antique booth adventure in October of the previous year, 2016 became the year of hauling stuff around among three antique malls. By Fall, however, we had consolidated down to one booth, and refocused our efforts on selling vintage furniture, had a very strong Fourth Quarter, and had our best single sales month to date in December. We are now located in Booth #211 at The Picker Knows, 1208 Grand Avenue in West Des Moines.

Booth 211 at The Picker KnowsWe also had a number of memorable weekends visiting outdoor flea markets in What Cheer, Rutledge/Colony, and Sparks. (Why I did not post about Sparks, I have no idea – we had a great trip there!)

Hazel & Verdie | Rutledge Flea Market
Projects – Here’s where my blogging efforts really fell short this year. I completed a large number of craft and DIY projects in 2016, but I didn’t post about most of them. I’ll blame it on the technical issues I had with the blog beginning around August. My two favorite projects that I did post about were my sweet red vintage side table, and the outdoor fence decor I just posted. I promise I’ll share many of the others, and I already have some new projects waiting in the blog wings to show you!

Hazel and Verdie's | Furniture makeover: small red cottage table

Junk Fence Project | Hazel and Verdie's
Just for Fun – Every once in awhile, I’m struck by an odd observation or taking note of something happening in my neighborhood or home city/state. I hope you don’t mind that I like to post about these things… they aren’t technically “on topic” (if the topics are “dishes, decorating, and DIY”) but I do occasionally love to offer up a little commentary. A couple examples of this are my unbridled glee at seeing the black squirrels return to the neighborhood, and wondering aloud how it could be that smoke calms bees.

Hazel & Verdie's | Black squirrel

Bee Smoker | Hazel & Verdie's

Thanks for reading in 2016 – I’ve got big plans for the coming year so I hope you’ll stick around!

More soon,