verdie3I’ve been addicted to dishes since my grandmother, Verdie Craft, gifted me with the set of china she used while I was growing up. It was Royal China’s Currier & Ives. Verdie’s sister Hazel Thornburg, my great-Aunt, owned Johnson Brothers’ Rose Chintz. Between these two women, every special-occasion meal I ate in my first 20 years of life was served on these patterns. (Happily, my brother’s wife was given the Rose Chintz – so that set, too, remains in the family.)

When the Currier & Ives was handed down to me around 1991, something clicked in my mind: dinnerware can be special, so why not serve meals on pieces you love? It seemed simple enough, and so for the past 25 years I’ve fed my dish addiction by discovering new hazel3and beautiful patterns, acquiring some degree of knowledge about the patterns that I love and their makers, and of course by buying (and selling) more pieces than I could possibly count.

I admit it – I’m a junker… a thrifter… a curb picker… an antique-hunter and appreciator. Give me used vintage junk any day over brand new home furnishings and objects. I’m also somewhat crafty – though by no stretch an artiste – and so I love re-purposing some of the treasures I find.

I’m a fifty-something mom, motorcycle rider/blogger/author, and lover of all (well most) things vintage. I try not to collect everything… but my favorite categories in any hunt include dishes, amateur paintings and garden junk. I would describe my home decorating style as “romantic cottage junk.”

profilepic60At this writing (January, 2016), I have invested in a booth at a local antique mall to sell some of my treasures – at least, the ones I can bear to part with – and I’m getting ready to open a second booth at another mall.

I’ll be blogging about all of the above – thanks for joining me on my thrifty, dishy, junky journey!









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