WeBooth Feb 2017 | Hazel & Verdie's were both pretty surprised at our February results in the booth: it was a short month with only 28 days and it turned out to be our best-ever month, with gross sales at 3-1/2 times our rent!

We are beyond thrilled with this result. We even surpassed last December’s sales!

We both feel that the switch to furniture has been the key. We seem to have found a nice little niche selling project pieces to the painters and restylers out there, and we do manage to get some “steals” at great prices so we can make some great bargain deals.

We also know our mall managers do a lot of outreach on social media, and in February they promoted the opening of a “general store” featuring Iowa gifts within the mall. All of this plus the unseasonably mild weather all month long brought in the shoppers, along with our own efforts to drive traffic to our booth via social media and other tools.

We’re now in the process of putting in items for Spring, so that means garden junk, a fresh batch of vintage architectural salvage, and light/bright colored smalls. We’re also removing a bunch of smalls that have been there awhile.

New for Spring 2017 | Hazel & Verdie's

And with our February paycheck, we’ll of course be heading out on a picking spree for more great vintage furniture!

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    2 Comments on February sales report

    1. Hello Janet! I’ve been meaning to track you down since you left a comment on the blog a couple months ago. It seems as though you are doing well. Congratulations on the antique mall booth! Sounds like it is doing well. I’m sure you have fun treasure hunting to keep it filled! Life is good around here…and I’m hoping it is for you as well! Stop by and see me sometime. I’ll be back to visit again!

      Hugs, Vicky

      • Hi Vicky! I’m so glad you found your way over!! I’m indeed having fun with the booth, though we are mostly focused on furniture rather than the typical treasures I usually hunt for. I do still enjoy a good junk jaunt, though, and of course am still crazy for vintage dishes. :) I do enjoy visiting your blog and will try to comment a little more often so you know I’ve been there – I appreciate so much your stopping by here! Take care!

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