One of the best decisions we’ve made so far in our antiques and vintage business is that we have evolved our inventory to focus on furniture. Painting furniture with all manner of chalk, milk, mud, and mineral paint is “a thing” right now, and there are so many wonderful pieces out there getting a second chance because of the talented folks taking up the paintbrushes. We have had very good luck identifying and acquiring the kinds of pieces they seem to want to paint.

We also have seen a trend in folks who are looking for affordably priced “mid-century” furniture – primarily from the 50’s and 60’s (you know, like that set my parents had in their bedroom that I sent to the Goodwill long before I got into this business). These folks don’t necessarily intend to paint their pieces; they just love the aesthetic and don’t want to spend a fortune.

We’ve sold so many pieces there’s no way you’d want to sit through a slide show of them all. But, here is just a sampling of some of the pieces that have run through our hands in the past few months. Most we simply repaired as needed and then passed along to the next person for restoration, refinishing, or painting. A few, we completed a simple refinish before passing it on.


Duncan Phyfe-style drum table with drawer

drumtable | Hazel and Verdie's

Jacobean Revival dining table

Jacobean table | Hazel and Verdie's

Duncan Phyfe-style drop leaf table with brass claw feet

Phyfe-style table | Hazel and Verdie's

Desks and Vanities

Ornate desk/vanity with missing leg

Ornate desk | Hazel and Verdie's

Craft desk with leaf and slide-out

Craft desk with extension | Hazel and Verdie's

Vanity with round mirror

1940's vanity | Hazel and Verdie's

Spiegel Secretary desk

Spiegel Secretary Desk | Hazel and Verdie's


Mid-century lowboy dresser

Mid-century lowboy dresser | Hazel and Verdie's

Ornate chest of drawers

Ornate chest of drawers | Hazel and Verdie's

Maple clawfoot dresser

Maple clawfoot dresser | Hazel and Verdie's
Just thought you’d like to see the kinds of pieces we are finding – the adventure continues, as we just had our best month ever in the booth at The Picker Knows focusing on pieces like the ones above.

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