Editor’s note: Today I went to write up a little post about our weekend flea market trip; I wanted to remind myself of all the items we bought on our trip this past Spring to the Rutledge and Colony markets in Missouri, but couldn’t find the blog post I KNEW I had written! Turns out, it was still in my post drafts – I wrote it back in May, but never published it! So – in advance of the upcoming post about our more recent trip, here’s the post I never published from May!


Been meaning to share a little more about the items we “picked” recently at the Rutledge and Colony, Missouri outdoor flea markets. One of the things we thoroughly enjoyed about visiting these new-to-us locations was the fact that among the many familiar items, we also found some things that were totally unique – things we had never seen before. Of course, being a tiny operation with limited funds and vehicle space, we couldn’t acquire them all. But we did manage to bring home several oldies-but-goodies.

One item I was specifically looking for was rusty coat hooks. Hit that nail on the head right away at the first vendor. In fact, upon closer inspection, the hooks I found were a bit too rusty… a thin bright orange layer coated them in a suspiciously even fashion, as though they had been soaked purposely in water. Didn’t really matter… they were cast iron, and with a little clean-up in vinegar and water, they ended up with just the right amount of patina to be used on some barnboards. Along with them, we also picked up some small cast iron stars.

Rutledge hooks and stars | Hazel & Verdie
More rusty goodness… several vintage tools, an antique buggy step, and clamp-on ice skates.

Rusty tools & goodness | Hazel & Verdie
Also on our shopping list, wooden baseball bats. We had a customer already in the pocket for these, and managed to find several at a very agreeable price. We hear tell she’s making a slugger-themed headboard for a grandson.

Wooden bats | Hazel & Verdie
Casters, for one of our own projects. We found some nifty wheels plus a whole coffee can full of casters!

Wheels & Casters | Hazel & Verdie
I can’t pass up amateur art, and picked up this sweet little hand-painted owl. He looks mod-70’s to me!

Hand painted owl | Hazel & Verdie
This great chippy white chair has seen its final days in the dining room, but would still look great in the garden.

Chippy white chair | Hazel & Verdie
Here’s a thing we didn’t recognize at all – turns out it’s an antique hay bale lifter. We actually found three of them over the course of the day, and purchased two. I think they’d be great in the garden, either as trellises or for hanging a flowering basket.

Antique hay baler | Hazel & Verdie
And probably my personal favorite find of the day: what appeared to be a simple wooden lidded box, but turned out to be an outdoor potty chair. Just place your least favorite enamel pot or galvanized bucket under the removable seat, and… go!

Vintage potty chair | Hazel & Verdie
All of our items from Rutledge have been “deployed,” so to speak – they’re for sale in the booths or in use for projects as intended. We’re looking forward to another trip soon!

Our Rutledge Picks | Hazel & Verdie

More soon,

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